The Trimnasium dog grooming salon features a spacious entrance area for the customer to bring his/her pet to become acclimated to the surroundings.  The entrance features a sitting and reading area, a cabinet displaying many pet-care items for sale, and a doggy bath fountain.  Here the customer can speak with Joanne or one of her staff about the grooming care desired.  You will notice the high ceilings, many windows with natural light and beautiful canine decor. The pet enters through a double gate providing extra safety for all the dogs, and is greeted warmly by Joanne and her staff.  Here the pet will receive any number of services, including a warm Hydrosurge bath, coat dematting, flea treatment, toenail clipping, anal gland expulsion and of course, a grooming haircut by Joanne, topped off with doggie perfume and a treat.  Until the dad or mom comes to pick up the pet, he/she gets to enjoy friendly canine interaction or sit quietly waiting to be picked up in a choice of many cozy dog cubbies.  You just won't find any more dog-friendly and customer-friendly accommodations for your favorite dog! 

Trimnasium interior '18.jpg

Happy dog getting a bath at the Trimnasium grooming studio.