Scout is the shop mascot. She sometimes stops in after the beach to get a quick rinse from the salt and sand. She currently has an alligator certificate but no biting license. 
 Toby is a sweet Cavalier King Charles who loves to be treated like royalty when she comes to the Trimnasium.  A royal bath and royal trim keeps her feeling and looking her royal best
Roxy and Molly
 Murphy looks like the "big bad wolf" with his big ears, big eyes and big teeth, but he's really just an energetic terrier.  He loves his Trimnasium Hydro-surge bath that makes him feel like a "new man."
 Madison is a mighty Boston terrier with a fighting spirit, if he doesn't get his regular grooming at "Joanne's place."  This picture was taken just after he was told he might have to skip his Trimnasium appointment.  Watch out!
 Bitsey: "What, no spa at the Trimnasium this week?  That is so sad."
 For Teddy the glass is always half full, or even more.  See that smile?  He just heard he was headed to the Trimnasium for his spa and grooming.
 Daniel:  "PLEASE, may I go to see Joanne at the Trimnasium?"  I promise to be good.